About the company


Lenora, a subsidiary of Njavallil Latex Pvt. Ltd. (NLPL), was incorporated in the year 2003. The state of the art manufacturing facility is situated at the outskirts of Coimbatore, in Tamil Nadu, the industrial hub in South India. Lenora has an installed capacity of over 100 Million pairs of glove annually. While most of the Latex Glove manufacturing companies source latex from suppliers across the world with a primary focus on price, We at Lenora have integrated the entire process starting from tapping of the rubber tree, collection of latex, processing latex (with special emphasis on reduction of residual proteins), manufacturing of Latex Glove, packaging in innovative and environment friendly packaging & delivering at the end user’s doorstep.


Sterile Latex Surgical Gloves

Manufactured from specially formulated High quality natural rubber latex sourced from our own Plantations. This glove has fine texture on the outer and ensures

Sterile Examination Gloves - Latex & Nitrile

Manufactured from specially formulated High quality natural rubber latex from our own Plantations. This glove is recommended for surgical examination

Examination & Dental Gloves - Latex & Nitrile

Manufactured from specially formulated High quality natural rubber latex sourced from our own plantations. Micro textured outer surface for a good grip in wet

Face mask

We provide a range of disposable face masks including single/ double/ triple layered & pollution face masks. These masks are made of non-woven & meet international standards.

Disposable Surgeon Cap

We have a range of disposable surgical caps including surgeon cap with/without sweatband, frill cap, buoffant cap, hood cap with elastic & tie type. These caps are made of non-woven.

Disposable Surgical Apron

In this group we have a wide range of Disposable Aprons for Operation Theater as well as OPD. The range consists of Aprons made of Medical Grade PE, non-woven & polycoated.


Made as per ASTM, CE, EN & USFDA standards using specially designed formers, Lenora Gloves are perfectly suited to a wide range of applications. Extensive tests confirm a high degree of safety, resistance to viral penetration, low allergenic profile, ultra soft feel, high tensile strength; while AQL inspection methods ensure quality every time. For additional convenience, the gloves are packed in peel down pouches made of wholly recyclable materials.


Gloves you’ll love

Leading medical professionals across the world trust Lenora Glove for their comfort, safety and high quality. Every day, over three hundred thousand pairs are manufactured for the Indian and international markets, where they are used in Surgery and examination

Njavallil Latex

Lenora is a wholly owned subsidiary of Njavallil, a pioneer in Rubber Plantations & Latex Centrifuging based in South India with a large scale manufacturing facility for centrifuge latex and an annual production capacity of 20 Million litres.

Eco Friendly Packaging

We have a convenient and eco friendly packaging. The gloves are packed in tear-open pouches which are very easy to open and use. The packaging materials are recyclable.The gloves are sterilized prior to dispatch from the factory premises