About the company

Lenora has an installed capacity of over 100 Million pairs of glove annually. While most of the Latex Glove manufacturing companies source latex from suppliers across the world with a primary focus on price, We at Lenora have integrated the entire process starting from tapping of the rubber tree, collection of latex, processing latex (with special emphasis on reduction of residual proteins), manufacturing of Latex Glove, packaging in innovative and environment friendly packaging & delivering at the end user’s doorstep.


We take special care in analysing the properties of latex collected from our various plantations and handpick the best suited latex for use in medical gloves manufacturing


These special batches of field latex are processed in our modern Latex Centrifuging plant under stringent standards and from among them, the batches that meet our standards alone are dispatched to our Latex Glove manufacturing unit


We have developed the packaging keeping in mind device safety, ease of use & low environmental impact. We use packaging materials which are fully recyclable and at the same time we do not compromise on the safety and sterility of the device


Lenora manufactures Latex Surgical & Examination Gloves in Pre-powdered and Powder free variants. The products are available in various cuff lengths, thicknesses, with or without beading, chlorinated or polymer-coated. The product is packed in Peel Down pouches, tear open pouches or blister packing inside an inner box with a perforation at the bottom for dispensing or as a top open box.


The Master Shipper carton can be further laminated in polymer film to ensure water proofing. We constantly improve our product and packaging to keep up with the medical professionals changing preferences and requirement.