Chairman & Managing Director


Mr. Antony Kurian Njavallil is a reputed industrialist who started his career at an early age of 20. He first set out to manage the family owned Rubber Plantation in Thodupuzha and later to Nilambur, in the late 1970’s which was also extended to Kuttiadi in recent times. It was during the late 1980’s that he setup a Latex Centrifuging unit in Nilambur, North Kerala.


Being a visionary, he found Kochi to be the fast growing business hub in Kerala and setup Njavallil Latex Private Limited in the industrial estate in Kochi. The business has transformed into a 15 machine processing unit spread over 40,000 square Meter space and an installed capacity to process 20 Million Litres of latex every year. The facility’s proximity to International Container Terminal helps in easy logistics for shipping and speedy shipment of consignments saving a lot of time for the end user.


With over 25 years of experience in latex processing, a keen interest in Research and Development and an unrelenting commitment to quality, Njavallil Latex Private Ltd., is sought after for the Quality, Consistency and Timely Supply. Under his leadership, the company grew to become one among the top 5 suppliers of quality latex in India.


Lenora Glove is Njavallil Group’s foray into the healthcare industry. Healthcare industry in India, has had a paradigm shift over the past decade or so. Our Healthcare professionals are one of the best in the world. Lenora Glove is Mr. Antony KurianNjavallil’s mission to make the healthcare industry safe for the patients as well as the healthcare professionals. The access to fine raw materials and the knowledge that the Healthcare professional’s as well as the patient’s primary risk is Hospital Acquired Infections (HIA), he set forth to manufacture medical protective devise which will converge his experience in the field for the betterment of the society.



Director – Technical


Mr. GN Pillai is a fellow at the Indian Rubber Institute (IRI) and has over four decades of experience in the latex and rubber industry worldwide. Mr.Pillai, with his work experience in the industry in India, Malaysia and Mexico, started a consulting firm catering to the latex and rubber industry in 2003. Since then, he has been retained as consultant to Centrifuged Latex firms, Latex Glove manufacturing firms, Latex Contraceptives manufacturing firms, Latex Catheter manufacturers, Latex Balloon manufacturers, Latex Chemical Companies and Latex Foam manufacturers from around the world.


He travels to Guatemala, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Malaysia providing his expert advise and guidance to firms engaged in latex and rubber industries therein. Mr. GN Pillai is the Technical Director with Lenora and he sees to it that the products that come out of the factory are excellent specimens for world class technology. His experience and proximity to the industry leaders helps Lenora keep abreast with the latest manufacturing processes & findings in the field of disposable medical devices.